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Stable And Durable

WPC material is not easy deformation, corrosion, mildew, antibacterial, noise, anti-UV, anti-aging, suitable for outdoor use.

Economical And Practical

Scale production, quality assurance, versatility, paint-free, maintenance-free,Long life up to more than 20 years.

Excellent Workability

Can be nailed, sawed, planed, processing is simple, can be combined installation, saving time and effort,can be processed two times.

Weather Resistance

High temperature of 60 degrees, low temperature resistance of -40 degrees, antistatic.


Using recycling material itself, does not contain formaldehyde, a natural wood fibers, close to humans, close to nature.

Private Customer Tailor

Personalized fashion design, different finishes to meet different architectural pattern.

Good Appearance

Natural feel & wood touch / Broad range of finishes and appearance, Multicolor, and needn't to painting

Install & Maintain Easily

Easy to produce and easily to cut, fix and glue; Easy to tenon, drill and nail / Require less routine maintenance.